Education and Kamishibai

Kamishibai in award winning presentation For NIACE adult learners award with Age concerns Lifelink Project. :

Follow this Link for details and award winning small video: Click Here

I have now done several different projects in schools using Kamishibai, from making stories with the children, with computer based sources. Also using Kamishibai with a local artist to produce both oral and written stories.

   Lastly in conjunction with P4C Philosophy for children or “Thinking for change” with Age concerns Lifelink Project. This was an intergenerational project the enables children to ask questions through contact with older members of the community. We provide the Syntax for communication by modeling the process. Kamishibai is used as a stimulus to group discussion or communities of enquiry. A very good site to visit for a more comprehensive description of P4C is I want to take this further into the new initiative of Project based learning which seems to be coming to the fore  in education.