Tech Details:

Kamishibai Cards.

Card Size and Type.

Cards where traditionally printed on stiff card with the story on the back.

Slightly more complicated than it seems as the card you look at on the front has the story printed on the back card ( the last in the set) as each card moves to the back it reveals the words for the next card showing at the front! The Traditional size is15inches x ten and one half inches or 26.5cm x 38cm. (Just under A3) this is the size of card sold by most Kamishibai Sites.

I have modified this, the overall size remains the same, but I no longer print on card as the

computer ink runs in the wet, and I often perform outside. Instead I print on 100gram Paper and laminate this in Plastic, some people prefer Non Glossy laminates as these reduce reflections.

 To enable the Laminate to seal well around the edges I reduce the print image to 37cm x 26cm, this does not show on the screen as the top and bottom edges already run in a groove that holds the laminate in the “Window”. The “Cards” run better in the groove as they are thinner.

There are many great advantages to this system, The images are stored on computer disc, so that you can print up any size, smaller than A3 if you want for a smaller presentation A4 say even postcard size for a very intimate presentation, or you can go straight to PowerPoint and Project the image much bigger for a theatre. I would still use the bike and A3 size on the stage but have the bigger image behind me. If an image is lost or damaged it can be replaced quickly and easily from the disc.

Equipment Needed:

This is what I use: To DIY my own images.

Laminator A3 quite cheap now through Viking Direct or Staples.

Scanner or Camera to scan in your Images.

Photoshop or similar to Manipulate Images size ect.
You can of course if you are an artist use Card brushes pencils Paint ect , I use a sort of Digital photo montage to achieve my desired images

Kamishibai Box Theatre

I built my first Box by hand only using hand tools but when people started asking for the Box theatres I had some made by a local craftsman. I still have one or two left. Most people go the Desktop route, Pity I like the Fun of the big box and Bicycle.  Strangely I only saw one Bike carried Kamishibai when I went to Japan two years ago More Eco theatre I say!


This is for me the best bit for me getting to buy another bike!! ( I have over forty!!!) as you can see from the picture on the left its an old fashioned 50’s Style Mans bike with Rod Brakes So for the Trad. look you need something like this. The Bike I use is a Pashley Prospero. To be truthful if I was choosing again I would go for a ladies frame. Try getting your leg over that huge box on the back its a very balletic move! A step through is much kinder on the Human frame also they are often cheaper! The Pashley model is the Princess.

You don’t have to be traditional, I have put my Kamishibai Box on the back of a recumbent trike The Anthro-Tech lots of advantages here it Cycles well lots of gears for the hills and is stable with the weight.

I have also put the Box on the back of the trike I use for my Punch and Judy show You just spin the show round from Punch to Kamishibai! See Top Right. Bottom Right Proffessor Screwtop using Kamishibai on Cylus circus’s interconnected Trike and Quad all Electric powered!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a look at this Traditional presentation from America.

Here are some other places around the world where you can obtain Kamishibai Theaters researched by Jackie Kerrin Austrailia.


Spain: Definitelytakes A3

Germany: takesA3 and Japanese size



Belguim: (you can down load a diagram and build your own.